Mitch Allen is establishing his place as one of the hottest new hip hop artists in the game. The 20 year old grew up in the city of Lake Geneva, WI. He began rapping at the age of 10, he recorded cover songs and uploaded them to YouTube. His favorite rapper is Kanye West. Mitch was inspired not only by Kanye’s style, but also by his life and upbringing. Mitch taught himself early on how to produce his own beats. Mitch thought if Kanye West, and other artists could become successful in his career and make a living rapping, he could do the same. As his experience with music progressed, he started a record label (Wakeful Records) affiliated with one of his best friends, EthanWithTheDot, another artist in Lake Geneva, WI. As a teenager growing up on a farm, Mitch learned very early that he wanted something different. He didn’t like the lifestyle of a farmer and wanted something different. Mitch was always into rap music when the rest of his family was into 70’s rock, which wasn’t his style, but still influenced him within his music. Mitch was smart and beyond his years and had the ability to light up a room with his presence. He decided to invest in himself as Mitch Allen the solo artist, and signed himself to his own label. On July 5th, 2017 Mitch Allen dropped his first album titled, “Blurry Visions.” The response from the streets and online was overwhelming that Mitch continues to release more, and more material. Mitch Allen continues to go harder. As he continues to gain exposure, he continues to set more trends and breaks more records.